Company History

From Humble Beginnings To Leadership In Packaging Innovation

Arena Products, Inc.

Arena Products’ history in the packaging industry began in 1984 when Tony Arena founded A.R. Arena Associates as a manufacturers’ representative agency selling custom plastic parts for industrial packaging and material handling.  Arena Associates grew quickly from a company that sold packaging products constructed from virtually every plastic process at the time into a systems integrator that supplied custom material handling systems developed through in-house application engineering and design.

In 1988, Arena Associates began to focus its application development and marketing strengths on engineering advanced proprietary material handling products and systems.  A strategic alliance was formed between Arena and GE Plastics that was the catalyst in the development of game-changing packaging systems that utilized high-performance thermoplastics.

Arena Products Through the Years
One year later, A.R. Arena Associates became A.R. Arena Products, Inc, reflecting its shift from a service business to a product development and asset-management company.  A.R. Arena Associates quickly distinguished itself by innovating packaging products made from high-end engineered plastics that out performed those constructed from low-priced commodity plastics that were the industry norm.  These advanced products, coupled with a strong vision of optimizing customer solutions, earned Arena Products a reputation for product and service excellence that continues today.

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