330 Gallon IBC Liquid Shipper

Arena 330 Shipping ContainersThe Best Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) On The Market

There are many companies that manufacture intermediate bulk containers in a multitude of compositions, configurations and capacities. The Arena A330 Shipper™ is like none of them. The A330 Shipper™ is recognized by packaging professionals worldwide as the premier liquid IBC available on the market today.

The Arena A330 Shipper™ is specifically designed to handle the unique dynamic stresses associated with liquid loads during handling and transport. Liquid loads exert greater kinetic energy than dry bulk loads. When liquid products are moved or transported, sudden motions or abrupt stops can cause liquid loads to shift, placing greater stress on an IBC. Conventional intermediate bulk containers can fracture or break under such pressures but the A330 Shipper’s unique design absorbs and flexes in response to the stress demands with a greater strength-to-weight ratio than steel.

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The IBC Designed For Function and Economy

330-gallon shipperThe Arena A330 Shipper™ represents a revolutionary break-through in liquid IBC’s. It is comprised of rugged, damage-resistant plastic composites that were developed for the automotive and aerospace industries and it has a greater strength-to-weight ratio than steel. The Arena A300 Shipper™ has a higher rating than dry bulk IBC’s and is able to handle loads up to 3,000 lbs. versus only 1,800 lbs. for conventional intermediate bulk containers.

The Less Space, Less Waste IBC

The Arena A330 Shipper™ delivers superior performance when measured against competitive containers such as 55-gallon drums, tank-style IBC’s and disposable intermediate bulk containers. With its unique knock-down design, disposable liquid liner and space-saving shape, the A330 Shipper™ maximizes space and reduces waste. It has been designed and tested to withstand the physical demands of rail car and tractor trailer transport with footprint dimensions that fit perfectly into trailers without additional dunnage.
The A330 Shipper™is the first choice of high value liquid product manufacturers because of its long track record of maximizing profit by reducing risk of damage or accidents. It is an environmentally green product because it is a reusable IBC that has a documented longer life span, another factor that contributes to its overall economic value.

More Sale Or Lease Options Than Other IBCs

Short term, long term or value-added rental programs (Trip Lease) are available that makes the Arena A330 Shipper™ the best choice in liquid intermediate bulk containers. Customers can manage and utilize their totes with optimum efficiency thanks to options that include logistics management, tracking, tote bag replacement and online reporting.

No Other Liquid IBC Offers More Features & Benefits

All Plastic Construction

  • Durable and easy to clean
  • No reconditioning required
  • Won’t splinter, rust or harbor contamination
  • 100% recyclable

Bag-in-box packaging

  • 1-, 2- or 3-ply liner bags
  • Eliminates flushing and effluent disposal
  • Eliminates cross contamination
  • Permits aseptic filling and discharge
  • Reduces waste disposal

330 gallon or 45 cubic feet capacity

  • 3000 lb. Liquid capacity
  • 3,500 lb. Bulk solid capacity
  • The contents of six 55-gallon
  • drums in the space of four
  • The largest plastic collapsible container


  • 5 to 1 return ratio
  • 154 empties in a 45 ft. trailer
  • Snap-in-place latches
  • Substantial cost savings on return shipping
    and storage savings
  • Sets up and knocks down in seconds

Low tare weight of 175 pounds

  • Increased net shipping payload

Outside dimensions

  • 45” x 48” footprint; 45.5” high

Inside dimensions

  • 41.5” x 44.5” x 40.5”
  • Corrugated walls add to capacity
  • 78% external volume contains product

Four-way fork entry

  • 10” x 3.5” fork pockets
  • 8” wide center feet
  • Easy handling with most common
  • Fork-lift equipment

Five-high stacking

  • Improved storage space utilization

Snap-on cover

  • Protects contents from contamination
  • Vertical banding recommended in some applications

Replaceable skid pads

  • Extends container life

Two-inch (2”) bottom discharge

  • Quick, easy liquid discharge


In-use dimensions (Inside)

Length: 41.5” (1054mm)

Width:  44.5” (1130mm)

Height: 40.5” (1029mm)

Tare Weight

175 lbs. (79.4 kg)

Collapsed dimensions

Length: 45”   (1143mm)

Width:  48”   (1219mm)

Height:  14.7″  (373 mm)

Return ratio


Internal volume

330 gallons (1250 liters)

44.4 cubic feet

78% space utilization

Truckload capacity

Full boxes: 44*

Empty boxes:  154**

Fork Pocket Dimensions

4-way entry pockets

Width:  10” (254 mm)

Height:  3.5”  (89mm)

*Based on Arena 330 Shippers stacked 2-high in a 45-ft trailer.
(Weight of contents and payload not included)
** Based on Arena 330 Shippers collapsed in a 45 ft. trailer.


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