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Arena Form Fit IBC Liners Maximize Efficiencies

Arena Products is one of the few companies that supply cassetted form fit liners. The cassette design offers the same advantages of our pillow liners but offer the added benefit of being more functional and efficient for certain types of filling methodologies common in some manufacturing processes. It is a different type of bag for manufacturers with unique needs. They are specifically designed and tested to interface with the Arena A330 Shipper™ as part of a total packaging solution.

Form Fit Liners Deliver Important Advantages

An advantage form-fit liners have over bottom-fill pillow lines is they can be suspended above the tote and filled with a lance or an automated filling system much in the same way a big bottle is filled. The simplicity of a top-fill form fit liner is that operator monitoring is minimized, a benefit that produces improved efficiencies and lower costs.

Arena form-fit liners carry many of the same advantages of pillow design liners including:

  • Time and labor expense for cleaning IBC’s are eliminated because you are starting out with a clean container every time.
  • Containers can be irradiated so that any potential growth medium that might contaminate the product is destroyed, a benefit of particular importance to food and drug manufacturers.
  • The polyethylene composition of form fit liners means they are compatible with the markets Arena Products supplies.
  • Form-fit liners are kosher, FDA compliant and constructed from FDA compliant virgin resins.
  • Form fit liners are available in different number of plys so they can be customized to your unique applications.

Large Liner Inventory Assures Availability

Unlike many other form fit liner suppliers, Arena Products maintains a large inventory of IBC liners – pillow and form-fit – so that we can meet short-term, unexpected customer demands. When situations arise that require additional liners on short notice, Arena Products delivers.

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